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Opportunity Peers Out from ‘Pillinger Point’ – Honoring British Beagle 2 Mars Scientist Where Ancient Water Flowed

by Ken Kremer June 16, 2014

NASA’s decade old Opportunity rover has reached a long sought after region of aluminum-rich clay mineral outcrops at a new Endeavour crater ridge now “named ‘Pillinger Point’ after Colin Pillinger the Principal Investigator for the [British] Beagle 2 Mars lander”, Prof. Ray Arvidson, Deputy Principal Investigator for the rover, told Universe Today exclusively. See above […]

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Spirit and Opportunity Top 10 Decade 1 Discoveries – Top Rover Scientist Tells Universe Today

by Ken Kremer January 31, 2014

January 2014 marks the 10th anniversary since the nail biting and history making safe landings of NASA’s renowned Mars Explorations Rovers – Spirit and Opportunity – on the Red Planet barely three weeks apart during January 2004. Due to their completely unforeseen longevity, a decade of spectacular and groundbreaking scientific discoveries continuously flowed from the […]

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Opportunity Discovers That Oldest Rocks Reveal Best Chance for Martian Life

by Ken Kremer January 23, 2014

After a decade of roving relentlessly on the Red Planet, NASA’s Opportunity rover discovered rocks that preserve the best evidence yet that ancient Mars was the most conducive time period for the formation of life on our Solar System’s most Earth-like Planet, according to the science leaders of the mission. Opportunity found the rocks – […]

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Opportunity Rover Starts 2nd Decade by Spectacular Mountain Summit and Mineral Goldmine

by Ken Kremer January 19, 2014

NASA’s long-lived Opportunity Mars rover has accomplished what absolutely no one expected. Opportunity is about to embark on her 2nd decade exploring the Red Planet since her nail biting touchdown in 2004. And to top that off she is marking that miraculous milestone at a spectacular outlook by the summit of the first mountain she […]

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Spirit Retrospective: Top Shots on 10th Year Since Mars Touchdown

by Ken Kremer January 5, 2014

Today it’s hard to imagine a Mars without Spirit. But a decade ago, NASA’s six wheeled Spirit rover was but a promise of great things to come. And her rich Martian scientific heritage we know today was but a dream yet to ensue Jan. 3 marks the 10th anniversary since her touchdown on Mars on […]

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