space radiation

Human Voyages to Mars Pose Higher Cancer Risks

by Ken Kremer June 2, 2013

New measurements of the energetic space radiation environment present in interplanetary space taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover confirm what has long been suspected – that lengthy years long voyages by astronauts to deep space destinations like Mars will expose the crews to high levels of radiation that – left unchecked – would be harmful to […]

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Can Humans Live on Mars?

by Ken Kremer November 19, 2012

Image caption: Curiosity is taking the first ever radiation measurements from the surface of another planet in order to determine if future human explorers can live on Mars – as she traverses the terrain of the Red Planet. Curiosity is looking back to her rover tracks and the foothills of Mount Sharp and the eroded […]

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Curiosity Starts First Science on Mars Sojurn – How Lethal is Space Radiation to Life’s Survival

by Ken Kremer December 20, 2011

Barely two weeks into the 8 month journey to the Red Planet, NASA’s Curiosity Mars Science Lab (MSL) rover was commanded to already begin collecting the first science of the mission by measuring the ever present radiation environment in space. Engineers powered up the MSL Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) that monitors high-energy atomic and subatomic […]

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Solar Powered Jupiter bound JUNO lands at Kennedy Space Center for blastoff

by Ken Kremer April 17, 2011

Juno, NASA’s next big mission bound for the outer planets, has arrived at the Kennedy Space Center to kick off the final leg of launch preparations in anticipation of blastoff for Jupiter this summer. The huge solar-powered Juno spacecraft will skim to within 4800 kilometers (3000 miles) of the cloud tops of Jupiter to study […]

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