space debris

European Satellite Dodged Space Debris Hours After Reaching Orbit

by Elizabeth Howell April 10, 2014

Yesterday, the European Space Agency disclosed a serious problem early in the Sentinel-1A mission, which lifted off April 3 on a mission to observe the Earth. The spacecraft — which reportedly cost 280 million Euros ($384 million) to launch — came close to a collision in orbit. Elizabeth Howell on Google+

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How We Will Retrieve Dead Satellites In The Future? Hint: It Likely Won’t Be Using Astronauts

by Elizabeth Howell February 21, 2014

I’ll admit it: I’m too young to remember 1984. I wish I did, however, because it was a banner year for the Manned Maneuvering Unit. NASA astronaut Dale Gardner, for example, used this jet backpack to retrieve malfunctioning satellites, as you can see above. (FYI, Gardner died Wednesday (Feb. 19) of a brain aneurysm at […]

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The USAF’s ‘Space Fence’ Surveillance System: Another Victim of Sequestration

by David Dickinson August 14, 2013

Times are getting tougher in the battle to track space debris. A key asset in the fight to follow and monitor space junk is getting the axe on October 1st of this year. United States Air Force General and commander of Air Force Space Command William Shelton has ordered that the Air Force Space Surveillance […]

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Space Debris: A Tale of Two Satellites

by David Dickinson July 23, 2013

It’s sometimes tough being a satellite in Earth orbit these days. An interesting commentary came our way recently via NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office’s Orbital Debris Quarterly News. The article, entitled High-Speed Particle Impacts Suspected in Two Spacecraft Anomalies, highlights a growing trend in the local space environment. David Dickinson on Google+

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Experts Urge Removal of Space Debris From Orbit

by Elizabeth Howell April 28, 2013

Action is needed soon to remove the largest pieces of space debris from orbit before the amount of junk destroys massive amounts of critical space infrastructure, according to a panel at the Sixth European Conference on Space Debris. “Whatever we are going to do, whatever we have to do, is an expensive solution,” said Heiner Klinkrad, […]

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