Space Art

How Canadarm Sparked A Space Artist’s Love of The Universe

by Elizabeth Howell November 15, 2013

OTTAWA, CANADA – A small Canadian community seems an unlikely spot for an artist now working with Mars One (those people plotting a one-way trip to Mars) and asteroid mining concept company Deep Space Industries. But that’s how Bryan Versteeg got his start in life and — despite his remoteness — found space inspiration from […]

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The Mir Space Station: An Unlikely Place for a Beautiful Art Exhibit

by Elizabeth Howell November 15, 2013

The interior of Russian space station Mir was not known for its pizazz — US astronaut Jerry Linenger called it “as drab as a Moscow winter” — and it ended up being crowded and cluttered with all sorts of unused equipment and old experiments. So, Mir was an unlikely place for an art exhibit … […]

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Space Art Show Comes Out To Play In L.A., With NASA’s ‘Mohawk Guy’ As Special Guest

by Elizabeth Howell June 21, 2013

Space fans in Los Angeles — and we know, given Mars Curiosity is controlled at the nearby NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, that there are lots of you — here’s a neat-looking art show for you to check out in the next month. SPACE! The Gallery Show will open at Gallery 1988: West today with special […]

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Visions of the Cosmos: The Enduring Space Art of David A. Hardy

by Nancy Atkinson May 30, 2012

For over 50 years, award-winning space and astronomy artist David A. Hardy has taken us to places we could only dream of visiting. His career started before the first planetary probes blasted off from Earth to travel to destinations in our solar system and before space telescopes viewed distant places in our Universe. It is […]

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