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Bottoms Up! It’s a Year of Lunar Libration From Down Under

by Jason Major June 5, 2013

Do you live in the southern hemisphere? Are you tired of all those views of the Moon that favor celestial north as up? Well here’s a video just for you from the good folks at the GSFC Scientific Visualization Center — it shows the full 2013 year of lunar phases and libration as seen from […]

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An Amazing Deep-Field View of Centaurus A

by David Dickinson May 28, 2013

Sometimes, you just have to say “Wow!” The view you’re looking at above is of Centaurus A (NGC 5128), a galaxy about 10-16 million light years distant in the southern hemisphere sky. It’s a favorite of astrophotographers and professional observatories alike. But what makes this image so special is that it was taken by an […]

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by Fraser Cain September 17, 2010

An equator is an imaginary line that runs around the surface of a planet, perpendicular to the sphere’s axis of rotation. Of course, the one we’re most interested in is the Earth’s equator. Regions north of the equator are called the Northern Hemisphere, and then south of the equator is the Southern Hemisphere. Here on […]

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What Causes Day and Night?

by John Carl Villanueva March 19, 2010

In some places on Earth, they have days when the Sun never sets at certain times of the year. These places can also experience days when the Sun never rises. Of course, in places where most people live, this is not the case. That brings us to the question, “What causes day and night and […]

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