South Pole Telescope

Polar Telescope Casts New Light On Dark Energy And Neutrino Mass

by Jason Major April 5, 2012

Located at the southermost point on Earth, the 280-ton, 10-meter-wide South Pole Telescope has helped astronomers unravel the nature of dark energy and zero in on the actual mass of neutrinos — elusive subatomic particles that pervade the Universe and, until very recently, were thought to be entirely without measureable mass. Jason Major on Google+

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Astronomers Find Giant Structures From the Early Universe

by Nancy Atkinson October 13, 2010

Looking back to when our Universe was about half the age it is now, astronomers have discovered the most massive galaxy cluster yet seen at so great a distance. The researchers say that if we could see it as it appears today, it would be one of the most massive galaxy clusters in the universe. […]

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