Solander Point

Opportunity Peers Out from ‘Pillinger Point’ – Honoring British Beagle 2 Mars Scientist Where Ancient Water Flowed

by Ken Kremer June 16, 2014

NASA’s decade old Opportunity rover has reached a long sought after region of aluminum-rich clay mineral outcrops at a new Endeavour crater ridge now “named ‘Pillinger Point’ after Colin Pillinger the Principal Investigator for the [British] Beagle 2 Mars lander”, Prof. Ray Arvidson, Deputy Principal Investigator for the rover, told Universe Today exclusively. See above […]

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NASA’s Resilient Opportunity Rover Starts Martian Mountaineering

by Ken Kremer October 24, 2013

NASA’s super resilient Opportunity robot has begun a new phase in her life on the Red Planet – Martian Mountaineer! “This is our first real Martian mountaineering with Opportunity,” said the principal investigator for the rover, Steve Squyres of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. And it happened right in the middle of the utterly chaotic US […]

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Opportunity Scaling Solander Mountain Searching for Science and Sun

by Ken Kremer September 29, 2013

NASA’s intrepid Opportunity rover has begun an exciting new phase in her epic journey – the ascent of Solander Point, the first mountain she will ever climb, after roving the Red Planet for nearly a decade. See the rovers tilted look-back view in our Sol 3431 mosaic above. Furthermore, ground breaking discoveries providing new clues […]

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Opportunity Rover Discovers Martian Habitable Zone Favorable for Pre-biotic Chemistry

by Ken Kremer June 11, 2013

On the cusp of the 10th anniversary since launching to the Red Planet, NASA’s long lived Opportunity rover has discovered a habitable zone on Mars that once coursed with ‘drinkable water’ and possesses the chemical ingredients necessary to support a path to potential Martian microbes. At a rock called “Esperance”, Opportunity found a cache of […]

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