Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Dreamchaser Will Launch on First Orbital Flight Test in November 2016

by Nancy Atkinson January 23, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Commercial space company Sierra Nevada Corporation and NASA announced plans today to launch an orbital test flight of the Dream Chaser vehicle in 2016, and that they plan to use processing facilities at Kennedy Space Center as well as land the […]

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Human Spaceflight, Planetary Missions Face Potential Cuts in Latest NASA Budget Negotiations

by Elizabeth Howell November 20, 2013

While 2014 budget negotiations are not finalized yet, there’s already some noise of concern in different space communities that depend on NASA. Here’s a brief roundup of some of the news lately: Could the Cassini Saturn mission get the axe? Wired’s Adam Mann warns that NASA may not be able to fund all of its planetary […]

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Spacesuited Astronauts Climb Aboard Boeing CST-100 Commercial Crew Capsule for Key Tests

by Ken Kremer July 25, 2013

A pair of NASA astronauts donned their spacesuits for key fit check evaluations inside a test version of the Boeing Company’s CST-100 commercial ‘space taxi’ which was unveiled this week for the world’s first glimpse of the cabin’s interior. Boeing is among a trio of American aerospace firms, including SpaceX and Sierra Nevada Corp, seeking […]

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Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser Gets Wings and Tail, Starts Ground Testing

by Ken Kremer July 13, 2013

Sierra Nevada Corporation’s winged Dream Chaser engineering test article is moving forward with a series of ground tests at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in California that will soon lead to dramatic aerial flight tests throughout 2013. Pathfinding tow tests on Dryden’s concrete runway aim to validate the performance of the vehicles’ nose skid, brakes, […]

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Boeing Commercial Space Taxi and Atlas V Launcher Move Closer to Blastoff

by Ken Kremer June 1, 2013

The next time that American astronauts launch to space from American soil it will surely be aboard one of the new commercially built “space taxis” currently under development by a trio of American aerospace firms – Boeing, SpaceX and Sierra Nevada Corp – enabled by seed money from NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP). Boeing has […]

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