Game Of Thrones’ Weird Seasons Explained! And More Science From Westeros

by Elizabeth Howell May 21, 2014

Can dragons really fly? And what’s with the weird seasons? A bunch of your scientific FAQs about the blockbuster Game of Thrones series are tackled in this video, with the occasional spoiler or Westeros-themed joke thrown in. Elizabeth Howell on Google+

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Why Are There Seasons?

by Fraser Cain September 23, 2013

We’re in the middle of Summer here on Vancouver Island, the Sun is out, the air is warm, and the river is great for swimming. Three months from now, it’s going to be raining and miserable. Six months from now, it’s still going to be raining, and maybe even snowing. No matter where you live […]

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Podcast: Seasons

by Astronomy Cast January 9, 2013

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. These are the seasons we experience here on Earth as our planet completes an orbit around the Sun. But what’s going on? Why do we experience such different temperatures and weather over the course of 365 days? Do other planets experience the seasons like we do? Click here to download […]

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by Abby Cessna December 30, 2009

Earth is not the only planet with seasons, but exactly what causes the seasons on Earth? Despite what many people think, the seasons are not caused by Earth’s orbit around the Sun and how close or how far it is from the Sun. If the seasons were merely caused by how far the Earth is […]

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