Saturn V

Apollo 11 F-1 Engine Finding Confirmed by Jeff Bezos on Eve of 1st Human Moonwalk

by Ken Kremer July 19, 2013

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter In a fitting testament to NASA’s momentous Apollo Moon Landing Program, NASA and billionaire Jeff Bezos confirmed today (July 19) the discovery of a powerful F-1 first stage engine component from the Saturn V moon rocket that launched three American astronauts […]

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NASA Alters 1st Orion/SLS Flight – Bold Upgrade to Deep Space Asteroid Harbinger Planned

by Ken Kremer July 9, 2013

NASA managers have announced a bold new plan to significantly alter and upgrade the goals and complexity of the 1st mission of the integrated Orion/Space Launch System (SLS) human exploration architecture – planned for blastoff in late 2017. The ambitious first flight, called Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1), would be targeted to send an unpiloted Orion […]

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Skylab: NASA Commemorates 40th Anniversary of America’s First Space Station – Photo Gallery/Broadcast

by Ken Kremer May 13, 2013

Skylab was America’s first space station. The massive orbital workshop was launched unmanned to Earth orbit 40 years ago on May 14, 1973 atop the last of NASA’s Saturn V rockets that successfully lofted American’s astronauts on the historic lunar landings of the Apollo-era. Three manned Apollo crews comprising three astronauts each ultimately lived and […]

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Apollo Rocket Engines Recovered from Atlantic Ocean Floor

by Nancy Atkinson March 20, 2013

Last year, founder Jeff Bezos announced that he had located some of the Apollo F-1 rocket engines and planned to recover them. He and his Bezos Expedition team were successful in recovering engines that helped power Apollo astronauts to the Moon and have now brought “a couple of your F-1s home,” Bezos said in […]

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Apollo 17: 40 Years Ago Today

by Nancy Atkinson December 7, 2012

The launch of Apollo 17. Credit: NASA It was the end of an era. At 12:33 a.m. (EST) on Dec. 7, 1972 the monstrous Saturn V rocket blasted off for the final Apollo mission to the Moon. It was a stunning sight, as it was the first nighttime liftoff of the Saturn V. Aboard the […]

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