saturn occultation

A Spectacular Set of Conjuctions on Tap for the Moon, Mars and Saturn this Weekend

by David Dickinson July 3, 2014

Got clear skies this July 4th weekend? The Moon passes some interesting cosmic environs in the coming days, offering up some photogenic pairings worldwide and a spectacular trio of occultations for those well placed observers who find themselves along the footprint of these events. David Dickinson on Google+

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Catch the Dramatic June 10th Occultation of Saturn by the Moon

by David Dickinson June 3, 2014

Some terms in astronomy definitely have a PR problem, and are perhaps due for an overhaul.  One such awkward term is occultation, which simply means that one celestial body is passing in front of another from an observer’s vantage point, nothing more, and nothing less. David Dickinson on Google+

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Saturn at Opposition: Our 2014 Guide

by David Dickinson April 23, 2014

Planet lovers can rejoice: one of the finest jewels of the solar system in returning to the evening night sky. The planet Saturn reaches opposition next month on May 10th. This means that as the Sun sets to the west, Saturn will rise “opposite” to it in the east, remaining well positioned for observation in […]

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The Moon Occults Saturn in the Dawn this Weekend

by David Dickinson January 20, 2014

 Mark your calendars: the first in a series of interesting occultations of Saturn by the Moon for 2014 starts this weekend. The year 2014 features 11 occultations of the planet Saturn by the Moon, and there are 23 total for 2014 of every planet except Neptune and Jupiter. David Dickinson on Google+

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