Watch the Sun Split Apart

by Jason Major October 24, 2013

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Here’s your amazing oh-my-gosh-space-is-so-cool video of the day — a “canyon of fire” forming on the Sun after the liftoff and detachment of an enormous filament on September 29-30. A new video, created from images captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory […]

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A Branching “Tree” of Solar Plasma

by Jason Major November 24, 2012

Hydrogen-alpha photo of the Sun by Alan Friedman An enormous tree-shaped prominence spreads its “branches” tens of thousands of miles above the Sun’s photosphere in this image, a section of a photo acquired in hydrogen alpha (Ha) by Alan Friedman last week from his backyard in Buffalo, NY. Writes Alan on his blog, “gotta love […]

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STEREO Spots a CME Soaring Into Space

by Jason Major September 10, 2012

Press “play.” Say “wow.” The enormous eruption of a solar prominence and resulting coronal mass ejection (CME) back on August 31 that was captured in amazing HD by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory was also spotted by the Sun-flanking STEREO-B spacecraft, which observed the gigantic gout of solar material soaring away from the Sun. This video […]

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Super Moon? How About a Super Sun!

by Jason Major May 6, 2012

On May 5, 2012, while everyone else was waiting for the “Super Moon” astrophotographer Alan Friedman was out capturing this super image of a super Sun from his back yard in Buffalo, NY! Remove this ad Jason Major on Google+

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Twisting and Eclipsing on the Sun

by Jason Major December 9, 2011

A video posted today by the team at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows two recent events on the Sun: a twisting prominence and the “eclipse” of a plasma eruption by the structure of a darker, cooler filament. Most impressive! Remove this ad Jason Major on Google+

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