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Zoom to the Moon’s North Pole with this Incredible New Gigapixel Map

by Bob King March 18, 2014

OMG – breathtaking! That was my reaction when I clicked on this incredible new interactive map of the moon’s north polar region. Be prepared to be amazed. It took four years and 10,581 images for the LROC (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera) team to assemble what’s believed to be the largest publicly available image mosaic in […]

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Why the North Pole Is Really a South Pole (and Vice Versa)

by Jason Major August 16, 2013

If you go out hiking this weekend and somehow find yourself hopelessly lost in the wilderness, but suddenly remember you have a compass with you, you can use it to find north because the needle always points towards the Earth’s geographic north pole, which never changes… right? Wrong, wrong, and wrong. And this video from […]

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Incredible Raw Image of Saturn’s Swirling North Pole

by Jason Major November 28, 2012

Ok, are you ready for this? I know… WOW. This swirling maelstrom of clouds is what was seen over Saturn’s north pole earlier today, November 27, by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. This is a raw image, acquired in polarized light, from a distance of 238,045 miles (383,097 kilometers)… all I did was remove some of the […]

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Lighting Up Mercury’s Shadowy North Pole

by Jason Major November 27, 2012

Part of a stereographic projection of Mercury’s north pole Talk about northern exposure! This is a section of a much larger image, released today by the MESSENGER team, showing the heavily-cratered north pole of Mercury as seen by the MESSENGER spacecraft’s Mercury Dual Imaging System (MDIS) instrument. See the full-size image below: Jason Major on […]

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Where is the North Pole

by Tega Jessa October 14, 2010

Everyone who has ever watched a Christmas special knows where the North Pole is. They can even point to it on a map. However where is the North Pole really? The fact is that there are two poles that claim that name. The first that everyone is familiar with is the geographic North Pole. It […]

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