NGC 6946

“Vampire” Galaxy Sucks Star-Forming Gas from its Neighbors

by Jason Major January 27, 2014

What happens when a galaxy doesn’t have enough hydrogen to support its stellar production process? Why, it sucks it from its hapless neighbors like some sort of cosmic vampire, that’s what. And evidence of this predatory process is what’s recently been observed with the National Science Foundation’s Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) in West Virginia, […]

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Fluorescent and Starry: New Zinger Space Images From Chandra’s X-Ray Archives

by Elizabeth Howell October 29, 2013

You know that moment when you’re flipping through old digital pictures (on your computer or phone or whatever) and you realize there are some pretty awesome ones in there that you should share on social media? The Chandra X-Ray Observatory team also decided to plumb THEIR archive of astrophysical image magic, and came up with […]

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