NGC 1365

NuSTAR Puts New Spin On Supermassive Black Holes

by Tammy Plotner February 27, 2013

Checking out the spin rate on a supermassive black hole is a great way for astronomers to test Einstein’s theory under extreme conditions – and take a close look at how intense gravity distorts the fabric of space-time. Now, imagine a monster … one that has a mass of about 2 million times that of […]

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New Bright and Blue Supernova in NGC 1365

by Nancy Atkinson November 13, 2012

Supernova 2012fr in NGC 1365. It is the bright blue “star” directly below the galaxy core. Credit: Rolf Wahl Olsen. Click the image for larger version. A very bright supernova has shown up in NGC 1365, the galaxy also known as the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy, visible now for southern hemisphere observers. This already elegant […]

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