Is This Icy “Mega” Meteorite Really From Outer Space?

by Jason Major December 26, 2012

Earlier today, Euronews reported an icy “mega meteorite” fall in a farmer’s field in the Hrira region of Morocco. The farmer found the chunk of supposed space ice and put it in his freezer for later investigation by scientists, who apparently confirmed that it is in fact from space. But… really? Jason Major on Google+

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by Jason Major November 21, 2012

Portrait of Curiosity assembled from raw images acquired with MAHLI on Sol 85 (Nov. 11. 2012 UTC) Credit:┬áNASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems. Composite by Jason Major. Yesterday Mars Science Laboratory principal investigator John Grotzinger set the entire space science world abuzz with a tantalizing promise of “earthshaking” news on the horizon — literally “one for the […]

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Is This a Video of a Huge Fireball Over Texas?

by Jason Major April 10, 2012

On April 2, 2012, at around 11:50 am CDT, dozens of people in and around San Antonio, Texas witnessed a bright object streaking across the daytime sky. Most likely a fireball — a particularly large, bright meteor — the object was visible across a very large area. It even made the local WOAI4 NBC news, […]

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