Follow-Up on Skydiving Meteorite: Crowdsourcing Concludes it Was Just a Rock

by Nancy Atkinson April 11, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter For all those involved with the initial investigation of the skydiver and the possible meteorite, they now feel they have resolution to their puzzle, thanks to the beauty of crowdsourcing. The rock that showed up in a video taken during a […]

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Norwegian Skydiver Almost Gets Hit by Falling Meteor — and Captures it on Film

by Nancy Atkinson April 3, 2014

It sounds like a remarkable story, almost unbelievable: Anders Helstrup went skydiving nearly two years ago in Hedmark, Norway and while he didn’t realize it at the time, when he reviewed the footage taken by two cameras fixed to his helmet during the dive, he saw a rock plummet past him. He took it to […]

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Weekly Space Hangout – February 28, 2014: Good NASA News and 715 Confirmed Planets!

by Fraser Cain February 28, 2014

Host: Fraser Cain Astrojournalists: Morgan Rehnberg, David Dickinson, Elizabeth Howell, Jason Major, Casey Dreier, Mike Simmons Remove this ad Fraser Cain on Google+

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Where Did Earth’s Water Come From?

by Jason Major February 16, 2014

Anyone who’s ever seen a map or a globe easily knows that the surface of our planet is mostly covered by liquid water — about 71%, by most estimates* — and so it’s not surprising that all Earthly life as we know it depends, in some form or another, on water. (Our own bodies are […]

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Experts Question Claim Tunguska Meteorite May Have Come from Mars

by Shannon Hall February 12, 2014

In 1908 a blazing white line cut across the sky before exploding a few miles above the ground with a force one thousand times stronger than the nuclear blast that leveled Hiroshima, Japan. The resulting shock wave felled trees across more than 800 square miles in the remote forests of Tunguska, Siberia. For over 100 […]

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