Meridiani Planum

Spirit and Opportunity Top 10 Decade 1 Discoveries – Top Rover Scientist Tells Universe Today

by Ken Kremer January 31, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter January 2014 marks the 10th anniversary since the nail biting and history making safe landings of NASA’s renowned Mars Explorations Rovers – Spirit and Opportunity – on the Red Planet barely three weeks apart during January 2004. Due to their completely […]

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Opportunity Rover Starts Year 10 on Mars with Remarkable Science Discoveries

by Ken Kremer January 27, 2013

Image caption: Opportunity Celebrates 9 Years and 3200 Sols on Mars snapping this panoramic view from her current location on ‘Matijevic Hill’ at Endeavour Crater. The rover discovered phyllosilicate clay minerals and calcium sulfate veins at the bright outcrops of ‘Whitewater Lake’, at right, imaged by the Navcam camera on Sol 3197 (Jan. 20, 2013). […]

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Opportunity Discovers Most Powerful Evidence Yet for Martian Liquid Water

by Ken Kremer December 11, 2011

NASA’s long lived Opportunity rover has discovered the most scientifically compelling evidence yet for the flow of liquid water on ancient Mars. The startling revelation comes in the form of a bright vein of the mineral gypsum located at the foothills of an enormous crater named Endeavour, where the intrepid robot is currently traversing. See […]

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Opportunity Rover Heads for Spirit Point to Honor Dead Martian Sister; Science Team Tributes

by Ken Kremer June 12, 2011

Scientists leading NASA’s Mars rover team have selected “Spirit Point” as the name for the spot where the “Opportunity” Mars rover will arrive at her next destination – Endeavour Crater. The site was named in honor of the death of the “Spirit” Mars Exploration Rover, which NASA recently declared has ceased all communications with Earth. […]

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New Views of Meridiani Planum Show Deposits of Volcanic Ash

by Nancy Atkinson May 14, 2010

Earth isn’t the only place we’re seeing volcanic ash these days. New high resolution color images from ESA’s Mars Express of Meridiani Planum on Mars – the Opportunity rover’s neighborhood — shows evidence of volcanic ash in a small impact crater that is about 50 km wide. The wind-blown dark material also provides clues to […]

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