India’s MOM Snaps Spectacular Portrait of New Home – the Red Planet

by Ken Kremer September 30, 2014

MOM is truly something special. For her latest eye popping feat, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) has snapped the first global portrait of her new Home – the Red Planet. Ken Kremer on Google+

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MOM Eyes the Limb of Mars after History Creating Arrival

by Ken Kremer September 28, 2014

India’s maiden interplanetary voyager, the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) has transmitted a breathtaking new image eyeing the limb of Mars and its atmosphere against the blackness of space. The beautiful Martian image is only MOM’s second since successfully braking into orbit during the ‘history creating’ insertion maneuver days ago on Sept. 23/24. Ken Kremer on […]

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Multicolor Mars! Speedy NASA Spacecraft Takes Pictures Just Hours After Arrival

by Elizabeth Howell September 25, 2014

Sure is fun to see the Red Planet in different colors! This is what the gases around the Red Planet’s atmosphere look like from NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft, which did its first observations on Monday (Sept. 22) — just eight hours after arriving in orbit. The goal of the spacecraft is […]

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India’s First Mars Mission MOM Meets Mars on Sept. 23/24 – Watch Arrival Live

by Ken Kremer September 23, 2014

Its D-Day for MOM! The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) is India’s history making first mission to the Red Planet and she arrives today, Sept. 23/24 ! MOM’s goal is to study Mars’ surface features, morphology, mineralogy, and the Martian atmosphere with five indigenous scientific instruments. Among other goals it will sniff for methane. Ken Kremer […]

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2 Days Out from the Red Planet, India’s MOM Probe Test Fires Main Engine for Mars Orbit Insertion

by Ken Kremer September 22, 2014

Two days out from her history making date with destiny, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) successfully completed a crucial test firing of the spacecraft’s main liquid engine to confirm its operational readiness for the critical Mars Orbital Insertion (MOI) engine firing on Wednesday morning Sept. 24 IST (Tuesday evening Sept. 23 EDT). Engineers at the […]

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