lunar occultation

Spectacular Views of Venus and the “Decrescent” Moon Worldwide

by David Dickinson February 26, 2014

Did you see it? Earlier this week, we wrote about the spectacular conjunction of the planet Venus and the waning crescent Moon this week, which culminated in a fine occultation of the planet by our large natural satellite on Wednesday morning. The footprint of the occultation crossed northern Africa in the predawn hours to greet […]

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A Fine Pair of Lunar Occultations for North America This Weekend

by David Dickinson October 8, 2013

Heads up, North American residents: our Moon is about to blot out two naked eye stars on Friday and Saturday night. Such an event is known as an occultation, an astronomical term that has its hoary roots in astronomy’s pseudoscience ancestor of astrology. An occultation is simply when one astronomical body passes in front of […]

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A Challenging Series of Occultations of Spica by the Moon Coming to a Sky Near You

by David Dickinson August 9, 2013

The first in a cycle of challenging occultations of the bright star Spica for northern hemisphere observers begins this coming Monday on August 12th. Watching a bright star or planet wink out on the dark limb of the Moon can be an amazing event to witness. It’s an abrupt “now you see it, now you […]

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Super-Moon Monday: The 3rd (& Final?) Act

by David Dickinson July 22, 2013

“Once more into the breach, my dear friends…” Such a quip may be deemed appropriate as we endured the media onslaught this past weekend for the third and final perigee Full Moon of 2013. Tonight, on Monday, July 22nd, the Moon reaches Full at 18:15 Universal Time (UT)/4:15 PM EDT. This is only 21.9 hours […]

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Amazing Video of a Lunar Occultation

by Jason Major December 28, 2012

Captured on camera by astrophotographer Rafael Defavari from his location in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, this video shows the Moon passing in front of Jupiter during an occultation event on December 25, 2012. Nice work! The video plays at 5x actual speed. Although Jupiter appeared to be “right next to” the Moon on Christmas […]

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