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China’s 1st Lunar Lander snaps 1st landing site Panorama

by Ken Kremer December 22, 2013

China’s inaugural Chang’e-3 lunar lander has snapped the missions first panoramic view of the touchdown spot at Mare Imbrium. Chinese space officials have now released the dramatic surface imagery captured by the Chang’e-3 mothership on Dec. 15, via a video news report on CCTV. To make it easier to see and sense ‘the new view […]

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Europe’s Plans to Visit the Moon in 2018

by Jason Major July 27, 2012

The European Space Agency is aiming for the Moon with their Lunar Lander mission, anticipated to arrive on the lunar surface in 2018. Although ESA successfully put a lander on Titan with the Huygens probe in 2005, this will be the first European spacecraft to visit the surface of Earth’s Moon. Jason Major on Google+

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