Light Pollution

Stunning Astrophotos Reveal the Importance of Dark Skies

by Nancy Atkinson May 14, 2013

The World at Night’s (TWAN) annual Earth & Sky photography contest showcases the stunning beauty of the night sky while highlighting the challenges of keeping our skies free from light pollution. TWAN has now announced the winners of this year’s contest, and the winning photos are simply breathtaking. This year’s theme of “Dark Skies Importance,” […]

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Losing the Night: New Video Highlights Problems of Light Pollution

by Nancy Atkinson February 27, 2013

Light pollution is a two-way murky street. Not only have millions of people never seen the glow of our Milky Way in the night sky because of light pollution, but also when astronauts in the International Space Station look down at Earth, they see lights almost everywhere and a faint green or yellow air-glow — […]

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In Search of Darkness: the Battle Against Light Pollution

by David Dickinson February 20, 2013

A good majority of modern Americans have never seen truly dark skies. I was fortunate to grow up in northern Maine in the 1970s with skies dark enough to see the summer Milky Way right from my doorstep. For most of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, this is no longer the case. During the blackout […]

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Ecological Concerns in Losing Our Starry Night

by Jenny Winder May 25, 2012

Images of the Earth at night, taken from space are always a stunning sight, with cities, countries and whole continents glittering like jewels. But this beauty comes at a price. It used to be that anyone looking up on a clear night could see the Milky Way. As more and more of us are drawn […]

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Citizen Science: GLOBE at Night

by Ray Sanders January 19, 2012

Are you a fan of Citizen Science? Do you enjoy participating in projects that help researchers and possibly the environment? GLOBE at Night is one such program! By taking naked-eye observations of the night sky in your area, you can help a world-wide effort to track the effects of light pollution. Here’s all the info […]

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