Juno mission

Stunning Movie Shows What Earth Looks Like to an Incoming Spacecraft

by Nancy Atkinson December 10, 2013

When NASA’s Juno spacecraft flew past Earth in October of this year, it focused some of its cameras on the Earth-Moon system. Immediately after the flyby, images taken by the Junocam were released, but today, NASA released an amazing video taken by the Advanced Stellar Compass (ASC) camera, a low-light camera that is primarily used […]

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How People from Earth said “Hi” to a Passing Spacecraft

by Nancy Atkinson December 10, 2013

Um, something in my eye. This wonderful video details a what took place when the Jupiter-bound Juno spacecraft swung past Earth on Oct. 9, 2013 for a gravity assist, and amateur radio operators around the world sent a Morse Code saying “HI” to the spacecraft. “We wanted to know, if this were an interplanetary spacecraft, […]

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Jupiter Bound Juno snaps Dazzling Gallery of Planet Earth Portraits

by Ken Kremer October 26, 2013

During a crucial speed boosting slingshot maneuver around Earth on Oct. 9, NASA’s Jupiter-bound Juno probe snapped a dazzling gallery of portraits of our Home Planet over the South American coastline and the Atlantic Ocean. See our mosaics of land, sea and swirling clouds above and below, including several shown in false color. But an […]

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Jupiter-bound Juno Probe Back in Full Operation After Earth Flyby Glitch

by Ken Kremer October 12, 2013

Engineers have deftly managed to successfully restore NASA’s Jupiter-bound Juno probe back to full operation following an unexpected glitch that placed the ship into ‘safe mode’ during the speed boosting swing-by of Earth on Wednesday, Oct. 9 – the mission’s top scientist told Universe Today late Friday. “Juno came out of safe mode today!” Juno […]

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NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Returns 1st Flyby images of Earth while Sailing On to Jupiter

by Ken Kremer October 11, 2013

Following the speed boosting slingshot of Earth on Wednesday, Oct. 9, that sent NASA’s Juno orbiter hurtling towards Jupiter, the probe has successfully transmitted back data and the very first flyby images despite unexpectedly going into ‘safe mode’ during the critical maneuver. “Juno is transmitting telemetry today,” spokesman Guy Webster, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab […]

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