Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Curiosity rover maneuvers around ‘Kimberley’ seeking potential Red Planet Drill Sites

by Ken Kremer April 5, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter NASA’s car sized Curiosity rover has arrived at a scientifically enticing science destination at “The Kimberley Waypoint” where researchers hope to carry out the next drilling operation into alien Martian terrain in search of further clues about ancient Red Planet environments […]

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Holy Wheels, Sharp Rocks Force NASA’s Curiosity rover to Seek Smoother Pathway to Mount Sharp

by Ken Kremer February 2, 2014

Continuing wheel damage from hoards of sharp edged Martian rocks are forcing engineers to seek a smoother pathway forward – potentially through a treacherous dune field – for NASA’s Curiosity rover on the jagged rock strewn road to Mount Sharp, her primary science destination. Ever since rover engineers noticed holes and tears to the robots […]

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Spirit Rover Landed on Mars 10 Years Ago Today

by Ken Kremer January 3, 2014

Today, Jan. 3, marks the 10th anniversary since the safe landing of NASA’s renowned Spirit rover on the plains of Mars on Jan. 3, 2004. Spirit comprises one half of NASA’s now legendary pair of Mars Exploration Rovers (MER). Opportunity, her twin sister landed, on the opposite side of the Red Planet three weeks later […]

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Happy New Year’s Day 2014 from Mars – Curiosity Celebrates 500 Sols Spying Towering Mount Sharp Destination

by Ken Kremer January 1, 2014

Today, New Year’s Day 2014, NASA’s Curiosity mega rover celebrates a huge mission milestone – her 500th Martian Day on the Red Planet since the death defying touchdown of August 2012. “500 Sols of Mars: While Earth celebrates #NewYear2014, midnight on Mars mark my 500th day of operations,” she tweeted today. And Curiosity marked the […]

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Rough Red Planet Rocks Rip Rover Curiosity Wheels

by Ken Kremer December 26, 2013

Rough edged rocks on the Red Planet are clearly taking their toll on rover Curiosity’s hi tech wheels as she speeds towards her ultimate goal – humongous Mount Sharp – in search of the ingredients necessary to sustain potential Martian microbes. Several of the NASA rovers six big aluminum wheels have suffered some significant sized […]

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