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IRIS Glimpses an Elusive Region of the Sun

by David Dickinson December 12, 2013

An innovative solar observatory is adding a key piece to the puzzle of the enigma that is our Sun. Its two of key questions in heliophysics: why does our Sun have a corona? And why is the temperature of the corona actually higher than the surface of the Sun? David Dickinson on Google+

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Solar Cycle #24: On Track to be the Weakest in 100 Years

by David Dickinson July 29, 2013

Our nearest star has exhibited some schizophrenic behavior thus far for 2013. By all rights, we should be in the throes of a solar maximum, an 11-year peak where the Sun is at its most active and dappled with sunspots. Thus far though, Solar Cycle #24 has been off to a sputtering start, and researchers […]

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