interstellar medium

IBEX Captures ‘Alien’ Material From Beyond Our Solar System

by Nancy Atkinson February 1, 2012

If we could board the starship Enterprise-D and were able to look through Giordi LaForge’s visor we might be able to see the interstellar medium – the ‘stuff’ between the stars — as wispy clouds of oxygen, hydrogen, helium and neon. Instead, since we are back in the 21st century, we have the Interstellar Boundary […]

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Did A Supernova Shape Our Solar System?

by Tammy Plotner November 4, 2011

Away in space some 4.57 billion years ago, in a galaxy yet to be called the Milky Way, a hydrogen molecular cloud collapsed. From it was born a G-type main sequence star and around it swirled a solar nebula which eventually gelled into a solar system. But just what caused the collapse of the molecular […]

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Ultraluminous Gamma Ray Burst 080607 – A “Monster in the Dark”

by Jon Voisey September 2, 2010

Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) are among the most energetic phenomena astronomers regularly observe. These events are triggered by massive explosions and a large amount of the energy if focused into narrow beams that sweep across the universe. These beams are so tightly concentrated that they can be seen across the visible universe and allow astronomers […]

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Local Interstellar Gas Mapped in 3-D

by Nancy Atkinson February 9, 2010

Astronomers have created a new 3D map of the interstellar gas in the local area around our Sun. “Local” is a relative term, as the map extends to an area of 300 parsecs and provides new absorption measurements towards more than 1800 stars. The group of astronomers, from the US and France, were able to […]

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Deep Space

by Abby Cessna August 2, 2009

The words “deep space” conjure up images of exploring far corners of the galaxy. This romantic idea is somewhat correct; deep space refers to space beyond our Solar System. Deep space can sometimes refer to interstellar space, which is any space outside a star and its planetary system. Interplanetary space is the space in a […]

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