Inspiration Mars

Nearly 40 Teams At Starting Line Of Inspiration Mars Mission Competition

by Elizabeth Howell February 6, 2014

It won’t be long before we start to get the technical details of Inspiration Mars’ daring proposition to send a married couple on a round-trip journey to the Red Planet. The private organization, along with the Mars Society, announced that 38 teams have expressed an intention to participate in a design competition that will see […]

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Inspiration Mars Wants To Work With NASA To Get To The Red Planet

by Elizabeth Howell November 21, 2013

CORRECTION: This article has been updated after more information was received from Inspiration Mars. Tito was highlighting other countries’ interest in the Red Planet in his testimony and has no plans at this time to work with anyone but NASA. Remember that proposal to send a couple in the direction of the Red Planet, loop […]

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Proposed Balloon Ride Would Let You See The Blackness Of Space

by Elizabeth Howell October 23, 2013

Doesn’t that look fun? A startup company is proposing to send customers 19 miles (30 kilometers) into the air via balloon, where they can linger for two hours and look at the curvature of the Earth and experience a black sky. While it’s not high enough to qualify as a spaceflight, the listed ticket price […]

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Tito Wants to Send Married Couple on Mars Flyby Mission

by Nancy Atkinson February 27, 2013

Millionaire and space tourist Dennis Tito announced his plans for funding a commercial mission to Mars, and the mission will send two professional crew members – one man and one woman who will likely be a married couple – flying as private citizens on a “fast, free-return” mission, passing within 100 miles of Mars before […]

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