This Model Of Earth’s Giant Impacts Makes Us Wonder How Life Arose

by Elizabeth Howell July 31, 2014

In case you need a reminder that the solar system was a harsh place to grow up, the early Earth looks like it was in the middle of a shooting gallery in this model. The map that you see above shows a scenario for where researchers believe asteroids struck our planet about four billion to […]

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How Can We Find Killer Asteroids?

by Fraser Cain February 7, 2014

On the morning of February 15, 2013, people in western Russia were dazzled by an incredibly bright meteor blazing a fiery contrail across the sky. A few minutes later a shockwave struck, shaking the buildings and blowing out windows. 1,500 people went to the hospital with injuries from shattered glass. This was the Chelyabinsk meteor, […]

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Super-Bright Explosion Seen on the Moon

by Nancy Atkinson May 17, 2013

If you were looking up at the Moon on March 17, 2013 at 03:50:55 UTC, you might have seen one of the brightest “lunar flashes” ever witnessed. And it would have been visible with just the naked eye. Nancy Atkinson on Google+

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Calculate the Effect of an Asteroid Impact on Earth

by Nancy Atkinson November 3, 2010

A 20-km asteroid has just been predicted to hit Earth and you want to know if a. You should run for it, b. You should call Bruce Willis, or c. You can rest easy because your part of the world won’t be affected. All you have to do is input the parameters of the asteroid […]

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Impressive Craters on Earth

by Nancy Atkinson November 10, 2008

Ever since our recent encounter with asteroid 2008 TC3 — the first asteroid that was correctly predicted to hit our planet — I’ve had impact craters on the brain. Earth has about 175 known impact craters, but surely our planet has endured more bashing than that in its history. All the other terrestrial planets and […]

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