Astronaut Photos Create a Map of the World

by Jason Major April 2, 2013

If you could spend a few months — or even a few days — living aboard the ISS, what would you take pictures of? Earth, most likely, with your favorite landforms and your family’s and friends’ hometowns ranking high on the list. After a while, I’m sure plenty of other Earthly features would become photo targets […]

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Saturn’s Strange Hexagon – In Living Color!

by Jason Major November 29, 2012

Color-composite Cassini image of Saturn’s northern hexagon (NASA/JPL/SSI/Jason Major) Cassini sure has been busy these past few days! After returning some mind-blowing images of the swirling 3,000-km-wide cyclone over Saturn’s north pole the spacecraft pulled back to give a wider view of the ringed giant’s upper latitudes, revealing one of its most curious features: the […]

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Enceladus Gives Cassini Some Radar Love

by Jason Major December 2, 2011

Cassini’s done it again! Soaring over Saturn’s moon Enceladus back on November 6, the spacecraft obtained the highest-resolution images yet of the moon’s south polar terrain, revealing surface details with visible, infrared and radar imaging that have never been seen before. Jason Major on Google+

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The Cassini Image Hall of Fame

by Jason Major September 25, 2011

  If you’re reading this, you’re probably very well aware of the Cassini mission. Launched in 1997, the Cassini spacecraft arrived at Saturn in June of 2004 and has been faithfully returning image after beautiful image of Saturn, its rings and its very extended family of moons ever since – not to mention all the […]

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Yikes! Lightning Strike Near KSC Launchpad

by Nancy Atkinson June 17, 2011

That was close! A fixed camera at launchpad B at Kennedy Space Center (which is being torn down/modified) captured an amazing lightning strike earlier this week. Hat tip to @InsideKSC on Twitter Nancy Atkinson on Google+

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