Happy Holidays from Cassini!

by Jason Major December 23, 2013

Cassini couldn’t make it to the mall this year to do any Christmas shopping but that’s ok: we’re all getting something even better in our stockings than anything store-bought! To celebrate the holiday season the Cassini team has shared some truly incredible images of Saturn and some of its many moons for the world to […]

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Saturn’s Mysterious Hexagon Behaves Like Earth’s Ozone Hole

by Elizabeth Howell December 5, 2013

A raging hurricane is creating a “suck zone” at Saturn’s north pole. The handy Cassini spacecraft recently captured a bunch of images of the six-sided jet stream surrounding the storm, which mission managers then put together into an awesome animation showing the wind currents shifting. (You can see the animation below the jump.) The feature is […]

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A New Look at Saturn’s Northern Hexagon

by Jason Major February 28, 2013

Freshly delivered from Cassini’s wide-angle camera, this raw image gives us another look at Saturn’s north pole and the curious hexagon-shaped jet stream that encircles it, as well as the spiraling vortex of clouds at its center. Back in November we got our first good look at Saturn’s north pole in years, now that Cassini’s […]

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Saturn’s Strange Hexagon – In Living Color!

by Jason Major November 29, 2012

Color-composite Cassini image of Saturn’s northern hexagon (NASA/JPL/SSI/Jason Major) Cassini sure has been busy these past few days! After returning some mind-blowing images of the swirling 3,000-km-wide cyclone over Saturn’s north pole the spacecraft pulled back to give a wider view of the ringed giant’s upper latitudes, revealing one of its most curious features: the […]

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Incredible Raw Image of Saturn’s Swirling North Pole

by Jason Major November 28, 2012

Ok, are you ready for this? I know… WOW. This swirling maelstrom of clouds is what was seen over Saturn’s north pole earlier today, November 27, by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. This is a raw image, acquired in polarized light, from a distance of 238,045 miles (383,097 kilometers)… all I did was remove some of the […]

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