halley’s comet

What Are Comet Tails?

by Brian Koberlein July 31, 2014

Comets are renowned for their big beautiful tails that stretch across the sky. But what’s in those things, anyway? And how can comets get multiple tails? Brian Koberlein on Google+

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Rosetta’s Comet Looks Like A Kidney Flying Through Space

by Elizabeth Howell July 10, 2014

Up for a little abstract art, anyone? The latest images of the nucleus of Rosetta’s comet makes it look like the celestial object is a kidney. Or perhaps a bean. But regardless of what you “see” in the shape, scientists agree that the comet’s heart certainly isn’t round. It’s a tantalizing view as the spacecraft […]

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Revisit Halley’s Comet – Stay Up Late for This Week’s Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower

by Bob King May 4, 2014

UPDATE: Watch a live webcast of the meteor shower, below, from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center during the night of Monday, May 5 to the early morning of May 6. Halley’s Comet won’t be back in Earth’s vicinity until the summer of 2061, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait 47 years to see […]

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Debunking Comet ISON Conspiracy Theories (No, ISON is Not Nibiru)

by David Dickinson April 29, 2013

Comets always seem to bring ‘em out of the wood work. There’s a scene from the 1998 movie Deep Impact where the president, played by Morgan Freeman, reveals a terrible truth… the U.S. government has known for over a year that a doomsday comet is headed straight towards Earth, with Hollywood CGI destruction sure to […]

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Was the Repeating Passage of Halley’s Comet Known of in Ancient Times?

by David Dickinson April 6, 2013

An interesting and largely unknown tale of ancient astronomy recently came our way while reading author and astrophysicist Mario Livio’s blog. The story involves the passage of the most famous of all comets.   David Dickinson on Google+

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