May Meteor Storm Alert: All Eyes on the Sky!

by Bob King April 28, 2014

On Friday night/early Saturday May 23-24 skywatchers across the U.S. and southern Canada may witness the birth of a brand new meteor shower.  If predictions hold true, Earth will pass through multiple tendrils of dust and pebbly bits left behind by comet 209P/LINEAR, firing up a celestial display on par with the strongest showers of the year. Or better.

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Geminid Meteor Shower and Meteorwatch

by VirtualAstro December 4, 2012

The Geminid Meteor Shower is the grand finale of astronomical events in 2012 and is usually the most reliable and prolific of the annual meteor showers. This year we are in for a special treat as the Moon will be absent when the Geminids are at their peak on the evening of the 12th/ 13th […]

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Coming Attraction: Geminid Meteor Shower 2011

by VirtualAstro December 7, 2011

It’s the finale of this year’s meteor showers: The Geminids will start appearing on Dec. 7 and should reach peak activity around the 13th and 14th. This shower could put on a display of up to 100+ meteors (shooting stars) per hour under good viewing conditions. However, conditions this year are not ideal with the […]

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Get Ready for the Geminids — In the Sky and Online!

by Nancy Atkinson December 9, 2010

One of the best night sky events of the year is on tap: The Geminid Meteor shower. According to the Royal Astronomical Society, the evening of December 13 and the morning of December 14, skywatchers across the northern hemisphere could see up to 100 “shooting stars” or meteors each hour. This number is what will […]

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