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Perigee “Super” Moon Images from Around the World

by Nancy Atkinson August 11, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Wow! The astrophotographers out there are getting artsy! Take a look at some of the most artistic images of the full Moon we’ve seen yet. The August 10 full Moon was a so-called “super” Moon — and it was the “super-est” […]

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Why Do People Go Crazy During a Full Moon?

by Fraser Cain July 3, 2014

Have you ever heard that people go crazy during a full Moon? What’s going on to cause all this lunacy? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s all a myth and nothing special ever happens during full moons. Remove this ad Fraser Cain on Google+

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Stunning Astrophoto: Moon in the Lighthouse

by Nancy Atkinson March 19, 2014

The March full Moon, sometimes called the “Worm Moon” for signaling the coming of spring in the northern hemisphere. This artistically stunning image taken by astrophotopher Miguel Claro is a sequence of 93 images taken at 2-minute intervals as the Moon traveled across the sky and past the Cape Espichel lighthouse near Sesimbra, Portugal. Miguel […]

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A “MiniMoon” Seen Around the World

by David Dickinson January 16, 2014

So, did last night’s Full Wolf Moon seem a bit tinier than usual? It was no illusion, as avid readers of Universe Today know. As we wrote earlier this week, last night’s Full Moon was the most distant for 2014, occurring just a little under three hours after apogee. Remove this ad David Dickinson on […]

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Tonight’s Harvest Moon Is For The Birds … Really!

by Bob King September 18, 2013

Tonight’s the Harvest Moon, the full Moon closest to the fall equinox. A perfect time to catch a big orange Moon on the horizon AND the annual fall bird migration. Every September and October anyone with a small telescope or spotting scope magnifying 30x can enjoy the sight of one bird after another flying over the […]

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