Bumper Car Moonlets Crash and Crumble in Saturn’s F Ring

by Bob King September 9, 2014

Nothing stands still. Everything evolves. So why shouldn’t Saturn’s kookie, clumpy F ring put on a new face from time to time? 

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Saturn’s Ring Shows A Twist In Cassini’s Glimpse Of Planet

by Elizabeth Howell February 11, 2014

What’s up with this distortion? This picture from the Cassini spacecraft shows some kind of twist happening in the F ring of Saturn. Scientists in fact have seen other strange shapes in this delicate ring, indicating that something is disturbing it from time to time. “Saturn’s F ring often appears to do things other rings […]

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A “Mini Jet” Juts from Saturn’s F Ring

by Jason Major September 17, 2013

We all know that Saturn’s moon Enceladus has a whole arsenal of geysers jetting a constant spray of ice out into orbit (and if you didn’t know, learn about it here) but Enceladus isn’t the only place in the Saturnian system where jets can be found — there are some miniature versions hiding out in […]

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A Ghostly “Ladder” in Saturn’s F Ring

by Jason Major June 2, 2013

Saturn’s F ring is certainly a curious structure. Orbiting the giant planet 82,000 kilometers above its equatorial cloud tops, the F ring is a ropy, twisted belt of bright ice particles anywhere from 30-500 km wide. It can appear as a solid band or a series of braided cords surrounded by a misty haze, and […]

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Saturn’s Fluctuating F Ring

by Jason Major November 19, 2012

Bright clumps of material spotted within Saturn’s ropy F ring (NASA/JPL/SSI) Released today, this image acquired by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft shows some interesting structures forming within Saturn’s thinnest but most dynamic ring. Jason Major on Google+

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