Did This Martian Volcano Once Host Life?

by Elizabeth Howell May 28, 2014

Extremophiles teach us that life is found in unlikely places, which is why after looking at microbes happily living in hot springs or surviving after 18 months in space, scientists are trying to expand our definition of what a habitable environment is. So perhaps this ancient Martian volcano would be an example. Meet Arsia Mons. […]

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When We Look For Life Beyond Earth, Let’s Consider Dying Planets: Study

by Elizabeth Howell July 4, 2013

Bacteria. They’re so resilient that they can survive just about anywhere on Earth, even in spots of extreme hot or cold. As the sun warms up in the next few billion years, it’s likely that bacteria will be the only living creatures left on the planet, according to new research. The study not only has […]

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In an Isolated, Ice-Covered Antarctic Lake Far Below Freezing, Life is Found

by Jason Major November 30, 2012

Lake Vida lies within one of Antarctica’s cold, arid McMurdo Dry Valleys (Photo: Desert Research Institute) Even inside an almost completely frozen lake within Antarctica’s inland dry valleys, in dark, salt-laden and sub-freezing water full of nitrous oxide, life thrives… offering a clue at what might one day be found in similar environments elsewhere in […]

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Europa Analog Deep-Sea Vents Discovered in the Caribbean

by Ryan Anderson July 22, 2010

White sand, blue water, sunny skies, pina coladas. When you think of “extreme environments” I doubt the Caribbean is high on your list. But a team of scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic institute and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, exploring the 68-mile-long Mid-Cayman rise deep beneath the surface of the Caribbean, have discovered the deepest known […]

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