extrasolar planet

Citizen Planet Hunters Find a Planet in a Four-Star System

by Nancy Atkinson October 15, 2012

A family portrait of the PH1 planetary system: The newly discovered planet is depicted in this artist’s rendition transiting the larger of the two eclipsing stars it orbits. Off in the distance, well beyond the planet orbit, resides a second pair of stars bound to the planetary system. Image Credit: Haven Giguere/Yale. A planet has […]

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by Jean Tate October 13, 2009

An exoplanet – or extrasolar planet – is a planet which orbits a star other than our own Sun. After a bit of a false start – lasting many decades! – when a small number of detections of planets around other stars were reported but not confirmed, the first reliable, independently confirmed exoplanet was discovered […]

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Super Earths

by Fraser Cain September 9, 2009

The holy grail in the search for extrasolar planets will be the discovery of Earthlike planets orbiting other stars. With better telescopes and techniques, astronomers will eventually be able to even detect the atmospheres of extrasolar planets and determine if there’s life there. Although Earth-sized planets are impossible to detect with current observatories, astronomers are […]

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