Edwin Hubble

How Old is the Universe?

by Fraser Cain February 10, 2014

The Universe is vast bubble of space and time, expanding in volume. Run the clock backward and you get to a point where everything was compacted into a microscopic singularity of incomprehensible density. In a fraction of a second, it began expanding in volume, and it’s still continuing to do so today. So how old […]

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Are Our Textbooks Wrong? Astronomers Clash Over Hubble’s Legacy

by Dan Majaess April 4, 2013

“No scientific discovery is named after its discoverer,” – Stigler/Merton. Edwin Hubble’s contributions to astronomy earned him the honor of having his name bestowed upon arguably the most famous space telescope (the Hubble Space Telescope, HST).  Contributions that are often attributed to him include the discovery of the extragalactic scale (there exist countless other galaxies beyond […]

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The Expanding Universe – Credit To Hubble Or Lemaitre?

by Tammy Plotner November 10, 2011

Perhaps one of the greatest astronomical discoveries of the 20th century may have gone down in the history books as credited to the wrong person. Now known as the Hubble Constant, the theory of an expanding Universe was first speculated by Belgian priest and cosmologist, Father Georges Lemaitre. How did this oversight occur? It may […]

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