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Jupiter-bound Juno Probe Back in Full Operation After Earth Flyby Glitch

by Ken Kremer October 12, 2013

Engineers have deftly managed to successfully restore NASA’s Jupiter-bound Juno probe back to full operation following an unexpected glitch that placed the ship into ‘safe mode’ during the speed boosting swing-by of Earth on Wednesday, Oct. 9 – the mission’s top scientist told Universe Today late Friday. “Juno came out of safe mode today!” Juno […]

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NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Returns 1st Flyby images of Earth while Sailing On to Jupiter

by Ken Kremer October 11, 2013

Following the speed boosting slingshot of Earth on Wednesday, Oct. 9, that sent NASA’s Juno orbiter hurtling towards Jupiter, the probe has successfully transmitted back data and the very first flyby images despite unexpectedly going into ‘safe mode’ during the critical maneuver. “Juno is transmitting telemetry today,” spokesman Guy Webster, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab […]

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Juno Careening to Earth for Critical Flyby Boost and Cool Movie Making on Oct. 9 – Watch SLOOH Live

by Ken Kremer October 8, 2013

NASA’s solar powered Jupiter-bound Juno orbiter is careening towards Earth for an absolutely critical gravity assisted fly by speed boost while capturing an unprecedented movie view of the Earth/Moon system – on its ultimate quest to unveiling Jupiter’s genesis! “Juno will flyby Earth on October 9 to get a gravity boost and increase its speed […]

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First Image Captured by NASAs Jupiter bound Juno; Earth – Moon Portrait

by Ken Kremer August 31, 2011

NASA’s solar powered Jupiter bound Juno orbiter has captured her first image – a beautiful portrait of the Earth & Moon – since the probe blasted off from the home planet. Juno lifted off 25 days ago at 12: 25 p.m. on August 5 from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station […]

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