Curiosity Bores into Kimberley rock after Inspection Unveils Enticing Bumpy Textures

by Ken Kremer April 30, 2014

Three days ago, the burning question was “To Drill or not to Drill?” The answer has come Fast and Furious – “Drill, Baby, Drill !” After spending the weekend inspecting an enticing slab of sandstone rock at “Kimberley”, the team directed NASA’s Curiosity rover to bore a test hole into a Martian rock target called […]

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First Color Image of Curiosity’s Tracks from Orbit

by Jason Major January 31, 2013

HiRISE image of Curiosity’s tracks, landing zone and the MSL rover at John Klein outcrop (NASA/JPL/University of Arizona) As Curiosity prepares for the historic first drilling operation on Mars, the HiRISE camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured an image of it from 271 km (169 miles) up, along with twin lines of tracks and […]

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