Dawn Asteroid Orbiter

Curiosity Captures First Ever Asteroid Images from Mars Surface

by Ken Kremer April 24, 2014

The Curiosity rover has captured the first images of asteroids even taken by a Human probe from the alien surface of the Red Planet during night sky imaging. And it’s not just one asteroid, but two asteroids caught in the same night time pointing on the Red Planet. Namely, asteroids Ceres and Vesta. The stupendous […]

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Ready For Your Closeup, Ceres? NASA Spacecraft Gets Closer To Dwarf Planet

by Elizabeth Howell December 4, 2013

The next few years will be banner ones for learning about dwarf planets. While the high-profile New Horizons spacecraft zooms towards a Pluto date in 2015, the Dawn spacecraft is making a more stealthy (in terms of media coverage) run at Ceres, which is the smallest and closest dwarf planet to Earth. The Dawn spacecraft, […]

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NASA: Reaches for New Heights – Greatest Hits Video

by Ken Kremer January 25, 2013

Video Caption: At NASA, we’ve been a little busy: landing on Mars, developing new human spacecraft, going to the space station, working with commercial partners, observing the Earth and the Sun, exploring our solar system and understanding our universe. And that’s not even everything.Credit: NASA Check out this cool action packed video titled “NASA: Reaching […]

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Dawn’s Vestan Endeavour Exceptionally Exciting near End of Year-Long Super Science Survey

by Ken Kremer July 12, 2012

Image Caption: Divalia Fossa equatorial trough at Vesta pictured in side by side images showing apparent brightness and topography. The trough encircles most of Vesta and is located just south of the equator. It is about 10 kilometers (6 miles) wide. Rubria and Occia craters straddle Divalia Fossa. The image was snapped on Oct 16, […]

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Dawn gets Big Science Boost at Best Vesta Mapping Altitude

by Ken Kremer March 7, 2012

NASA’s Dawn mission is getting a whopping boost in science observing time at the closest orbit around Asteroid Vesta as the probe passes the midway point of its 1 year long survey of the colossal space rock. And the team informs Universe Today that the data so far have surpassed all expectations and they are […]

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