Dark Matter

How Dark Matter Could Reduce The Fleet Of Galaxies Following The Milky Way

by Elizabeth Howell September 9, 2014

Funny how small particle interactions can have such a big effect on the neighbors of the Milky Way. For a while, scientists have been puzzled about the dearth of small satellite galaxies surrounding our home galaxy. They thought that cold dark matter in our galaxy should encourage small galaxies to form, which created a puzzle. […]

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Mapping Dark Matter 4.5 Billion Light-years Away

by Shannon Hall July 25, 2014

The Milky Way measures 100 to 120 thousand light-years across, a distance that defies imagination. But clusters of galaxies, which comprise hundreds to thousands of galaxies swarming under a collective gravitational pull, can span tens of millions of light-years. These massive clusters are a complex interplay between colliding galaxies and dark matter. They seem impossible […]

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Missing Light Crisis: The Universe Seems a Little Too Dark

by Shannon Hall July 9, 2014

There are few moments more breathtaking than standing beneath a brilliant starry sky. Thousands of small specks of light mark only the beginning of the vast cosmic arena, with its unimaginable vistas of time and space. The Milky Way, wrapping above in a cosmic sheet of colors and patterns, also hints that there’s more than […]

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Intriguing X-Ray Signal Might be Dark Matter Candidate

by Nancy Atkinson June 24, 2014

Could a strange X-ray signal coming from the Perseus galaxy cluster be a hint of the elusive dark matter in our Universe? Using archival data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory and the XMM-Newton mission, astronomers found an unidentified X-ray emission line, or a spike of intensity at a very specific wavelength of X-ray light. This […]

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Could This Be The Signal Of Dark Matter? Unsure Scientists Checking This Out

by Elizabeth Howell April 4, 2014

Sometimes a strange signal comes from the dark and it takes a while to figure out what that signal means. In this case, scientists analyzing high-energy gamma rays emanating from the galaxy’s center found an unexplained source of emission that they say is “consistent with some forms of dark matter.” The data came courtesy of NASA’s […]

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