Here’s Your Chance To Fund A Universe Today Project On The Pluto Planethood Debate

by Elizabeth Howell August 4, 2014

This fall, Universe Today plans to get in-depth into the Pluto planethood debate. I (Elizabeth Howell) just launched a crowdfunding project on a new platform called Beacon that will allow me to fly down to Washington, D.C. for several days to interview Pluto scientists. Should the project be funded, a few fun things are going […]

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Annual Atlanta Star Party Coming Soon!

by Susie Murph July 28, 2014

If you happen to be attending DragonCon or just live near Atlanta, come and listen to some fantastic speakers and help do astronomy research and education at the Annual Atlanta Star Party! What: Since 2009, this annual charity event celebrates science and space, and brings people together for a great cause.

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Check Out These Online Astronomy Classes and Contests

by Nancy Atkinson March 22, 2014

Here are a few upcoming and ongoing astronomy classes and photography contests that our readers may be interested in. Once a year, the One-Minute Astronomer — aka Brian Ventrudo — offers a detailed course called “The Art of Stargazing,” and you need to act fast on this one, as the final signup date is March […]

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New Online Classes to Help You Learn More about the Universe

by Matthew Francis January 16, 2014

Roughly eighty percent of all the mass in the Universe is made of dark matter – a mysterious invisible substance responsible for the structure of galaxies and the patterns of the cosmos on the very largest scales. But how do we know that? Astronomical images are beautiful, but that’s not their primary purpose from a […]

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Join the 32-Hour Hangout-A-Thon for Space Education and Outreach

by Nancy Atkinson June 14, 2013

In the latest budget proposal for NASA, it appears as though one of NASA’s jewels — education and pubic outreach – is going to take a huge hit. The proposal seeks to slash NASA’s education budget by about a third, going from $137 million to $94 million. Also proposed is an initiative to combine (and […]

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