A Spectacular Dawn Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter Set For August 18th

by David Dickinson August 13, 2014

“What are those two bright stars in the morning sky?” About once a year we can be assured that we’ll start fielding inquires to this effect, as the third and fourth brightest natural objects in the sky once again meet up. We’re talking about a conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Venus. Venus has been […]

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What is the Distance from Earth to Mars?

by Fraser Cain December 5, 2013

This article was originally published on Aug 10, 2012. We’ve updated it and added this cool new video! Sending spacecraft to Mars is all about precision. It’s about blasting off from Earth with a controlled explosion, launching a robot into space in the direction of the Red Planet, navigating the intervening distance between our two […]

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See Venus and the Moon Together in the Sky on September 8

by David Dickinson September 5, 2013

Sky watchers worldwide are in for a treat Sunday evening September 8, 2013 as the waxing crescent Moon passes near the dazzling planet Venus. And for a select few, the Moon will actually pass in front of Venus, in what is known as an occultation. David Dickinson on Google+

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Conjunctions to Watch For in July

by David Dickinson July 8, 2013

The planets are slowly returning into view this month, bashfully peeking out from behind the Sun in the dawn & dusk sky. This month offers a bonanza of photogenic conjunctions, involving the Moon, planets and bright stars. The action begins tonight on July 8th, as the waxing crescent Moon joins the planet Venus in the […]

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Rare Spectacular Triple Planet Conjunction Wows World! – Astrophoto Gallery

by Ken Kremer May 27, 2013

The rare astronomical coincidence of a spectacular triangular triple conjunction of 3 bright planets happening right now is certainly wowing the entire World of Earthlings! That is if our gallery of astrophotos assembled here is any indication. Right at sunset, our Solar System’s two brightest planets – Venus and Jupiter – as well as the […]

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