Comet Tempel 1

Rosetta’s Comet Looks Like A Kidney Flying Through Space

by Elizabeth Howell July 10, 2014

Up for a little abstract art, anyone? The latest images of the nucleus of Rosetta’s comet makes it look like the celestial object is a kidney. Or perhaps a bean. But regardless of what you “see” in the shape, scientists agree that the comet’s heart certainly isn’t round. It’s a tantalizing view as the spacecraft […]

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European Asteroid Smasher Could Bolster Planetary Defense

by Ken Kremer February 24, 2013

Planetary Defense is a concept very few people heard of or took seriously – that is until last week’s humongous and totally unexpected meteor explosion over Russia sent millions of frightened residents ducking for cover, followed just hours later by Earth’s uncomfortably close shave with the 45 meter (150 ft) wide asteroid named 2012 DA14. […]

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Deep Impact Images Spectacular incoming Comet ISON – Curiosity & NASA Armada Will Try

by Ken Kremer February 6, 2013

Image Caption: This image of comet ISON (C/2012 S1) ) from NASA’s Deep Impact spacecraft clearly shows the coma and nucleus on Jan. 17/18, 2013 beyond the orbit of Jupiter. See the dramatic new movie sequence below. It combines all 146 80-second clear filter exposures for a total integration time of 11680 seconds (about 3.25 […]

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2011: Top Stories from the Best Year Ever for NASA Planetary Science!

by Ken Kremer December 31, 2011

A year ago, 2011 was proclaimed as the “Year of the Solar System” by NASA’s Planetary Science division. And what a year of excitement it was indeed for the planetary science community, amateur astronomers and the general public alike ! NASA successfully delivered astounding results on all fronts – On the Story of How We […]

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Sounds of Comet Tempel 1 smashing into Stardust-NExT

by Ken Kremer February 23, 2011

As Stardust-Next was racing past Comet Tempel at 9.8 km/sec, or 24,000 MPH, it encountered a hail of bullet like particles akin to a warplane meeting the fury of armed resistance fighters which potentially could have utterly destroyed the probe. NASA has released a cool sound track of the sounds of thousands of cometary dust […]

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