Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring)

Caterpillar Comet Poses for Pictures En Route to Mars

by Bob King August 30, 2014

Now that’s pure gorgeous. As Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring sidles towards its October 19th encounter with Mars, it’s passing a trio of sumptuous deep sky objects near the south celestial pole this week. Astrophotographers weren’t going to let the comet’s picturesque alignments pass without notice.

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New Calculations Effectively Rule Out Comet Impacting Mars in 2014

by Nancy Atkinson April 12, 2013

NASA’s Near-Earth Object Office says that new observations of comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) have allowed further refinements of the comet’s orbit, helping to determine the chances it could hit Mars in October of 2014. Shortly after its discovery in December 2012, astronomers thought there was an outside chance that a newly discovered comet might […]

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Is a Comet on a Collision Course with Mars?

by Nancy Atkinson February 26, 2013

There is an outside chance that a newly discovered comet might be on a collision course with Mars. Astronomers are still determining the trajectory of the comet, named C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring), but at the very least, it is going to come fairly close to the Red Planet in October of 2014. “Even if it […]

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