Technicolor Auroras? A Reality Check

by Bob King October 14, 2013

I shoot a lot of pictures of the northern lights. Just like the next photographer, I thrill to the striking colors that glow from the back of my digital camera. When preparing those images for publication, many of us lighten or brighten the images so the colors and forms stand out better. Nothing wrong with […]

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A Color View of Darling Dione

by Jason Major December 24, 2012

Color-composite of Dione made from raw Cassini images acquired on Dec. 23, 2012. (NASA/JPL/SSI. Composite by J. Major.) Although made mostly of ice and rock, Saturn’s moon Dione (pronounced dee-oh-nee) does have some color to it, as seen in this color-composite made from raw images acquired by Cassini on December 23. 700 miles (1120 km) […]

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Saturn’s Strange Hexagon – In Living Color!

by Jason Major November 29, 2012

Color-composite Cassini image of Saturn’s northern hexagon (NASA/JPL/SSI/Jason Major) Cassini sure has been busy these past few days! After returning some mind-blowing images of the swirling 3,000-km-wide cyclone over Saturn’s north pole the spacecraft pulled back to give a wider view of the ringed giant’s upper latitudes, revealing one of its most curious features: the […]

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Saturn. In color.

by Jason Major November 19, 2012

Color-composite of Saturn, made from raw Cassini images acquired in visible light channels on 18 Nov. 2012. (NASA/JPL/SSI. Composite by Jason Major.) Looking for an awesome view of Saturn as it would look from 1,951,681 kilometers (1,212,718 miles) away? Here you go. Just my and Cassini’s way of reminding everyone how beautiful our own Solar System […]

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What Curiosity Looks Like From 200 Kilometers Up

by Jason Major August 14, 2012

Here’s a look down at Curiosity from the HiRISE camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, orbiting approximately  200 km (125 miles) above the surface of Mars. This new image, released today, shows the rover inside Gale Crater surrounded by a skirt of blue-tinted material, including several bright radiating marks –the  result of the descent stage […]

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