Citizen Science

Zooniverse Reaches One Million Volunteers

by Shannon Hall February 17, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Zooniverse — the renowned home of citizen science projects — is now one million strong. That’s one million registered volunteers since the project began less than seven years ago. It all began when Galaxy Zoo launched in July 2007. The initial […]

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App Review: Earth or Not Earth

by Ray Sanders December 20, 2013

The folks at Cosmoquest have released a cool new citizen science app for Android! “Earth or Not Earth” allows players to test their knowledge of Earth, as well as learn more about the fascinating geology of the rocky worlds in our solar system. You can also challenge your friends on Facebook to beat your scores, […]

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Watch Live Webcast: Space Warps

by Nancy Atkinson June 5, 2013

Want to join the hunt for new galaxies? During a special G+ Hangout today, June 5, a team of astronomers will share how you can help them find faint and distant galaxies by joining a search they’ve called “Space Warps.” This is a new project from the Zooniverse. The team of astronomers will discuss gravitational […]

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Soviet Lander Spotted by Mars Orbiter

by Jason Major April 11, 2013

On May 28, 1971, the Soviet Union launched the Mars 3 mission which, like its previously-launched and ill-fated sibling Mars 2, consisted of an orbiter and lander destined for the Red Planet. Just over six months later on December 2, 1971, Mars 3 arrived at Mars — five days after Mars 2 crashed. The Mars […]

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How To Crowdsource Astronomy Without People Messing It Up

by Elizabeth Howell April 9, 2013

Maybe it’s because Jurassic Park is in theaters again, but we at Universe Today sometimes worry about how one person can mess up an otherwise technologically amazing system. It took just one nefarious employee to shut down the dinosaur park’s security fences in the movie and cause havoc. How do we ensure science can fight […]

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