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Yutu Flexes Robot Arm then Enters Hibernation During Long Lunar Night

by Ken Kremer December 28, 2013

As night fell on the Earth’s Moon, China’s Yutu rover and mothership lander have both entered a state of hibernation determined to survive the frigidly harsh lunar night upon the magnificently desolate gray plains. Yutu went to sleep at 5:23 a.m. Dec. 26, Beijing time, upon a command sent by mission control at the Beijing […]

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Yutu Moon Rover Sets Sail for Breathtaking New Adventures

by Ken Kremer December 23, 2013

China’s now famous ‘Yutu’ moon rover has set sail for what promises to be breathtaking new adventures on Earth’s nearest neighbor, after completing a final joint portrait session with the Chang’e-3 lander that safely deposited her on the lunar surface only a week ago. Yutu’s upcoming journey marks humanity’s first lunar surface visit in nearly […]

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China’s 1st Lunar Lander snaps 1st landing site Panorama

by Ken Kremer December 22, 2013

China’s inaugural Chang’e-3 lunar lander has snapped the missions first panoramic view of the touchdown spot at Mare Imbrium. Chinese space officials have now released the dramatic surface imagery captured by the Chang’e-3 mothership on Dec. 15, via a video news report on CCTV. To make it easier to see and sense ‘the new view […]

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Stunning Chang’e-3 Lunar Landing Video gives Astronauts Eye View of Descent & Touchdown

by Ken Kremer December 20, 2013

China accomplished a major technological and scientific feat when the country’s ambitious Chang’e-3 robotic spacecraft successfully soft landed on the Moon on Dec. 14 – on their very first attempt to conduct a landing on an extraterrestrial body. Along the way the descent imaging camera aboard the Chang’e-3 lander was furiously snapping photos during the […]

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