Researchers Say ExoMars Could Detect Bacteria on Mars — Past or Present

by Elizabeth Howell September 9, 2013

Signs of life on the Martian surface would still be visible even after bacteria were zapped with a potentially fatal dose of radiation, according to new research — if life ever existed there, of course. Using “model” bacteria expected to resemble what microbes could look like on the Red Planet, the research team used a […]

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When We Look For Life Beyond Earth, Let’s Consider Dying Planets: Study

by Elizabeth Howell July 4, 2013

Bacteria. They’re so resilient that they can survive just about anywhere on Earth, even in spots of extreme hot or cold. As the sun warms up in the next few billion years, it’s likely that bacteria will be the only living creatures left on the planet, according to new research. The study not only has […]

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So You Wanna Go To Space. Can You Put Up With The Superpower Bacteria?

by Elizabeth Howell June 25, 2013

We all love space here and we’re sure, given that thousands of people applied for a one-way trip to Mars, that at least some of you want to spend a long time in a spacecraft. But have you thought about the bacteria that will be going along with you? If you don’t feel too squirmy […]

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Hunting for High Life: What Lives in Earth’s Stratosphere?

by Jason Major November 15, 2012

The Moon photographed through the layers of the atmosphere from the ISS in December 2003 (NASA/JSC) What lives at the edge of space? Other than high-flying jet aircraft pilots (and the occasional daredevil skydiver) you wouldn’t expect to find many living things over 10 kilometers up — yet this is exactly where one NASA researcher […]

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How Plasma Technology From Space Will Save Our Lives

by Jason Major May 23, 2012

It might sound obvious to anyone who’s ever played a video game in the past thirty years, but plasma has been found to be very effective at destroying some truly dangerous beasts. Except in this case, the battlefields aren’t space bases, they’re hospitals… and the creatures aren’t CGI alien monsters, they’re very real — and […]

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