The Secret of the Stars

by Jason Major February 27, 2013

“Say, do you like mystery stories? Well we have one for you. The concept: relativity.” Well look at that, it’s a new video from John D. Boswell — aka melodysheep — which goes into autotuned detail about one of the standard principles of astrophysics, Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Featuring clips from Michio Kaku, Brian […]

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The Face of Creation

by Jason Major January 3, 2013

The latest autotuned installment in John D. Boswell’s Symphony of Science series waxes melodic about the particle-smashing science being done with the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, in particular its search for the Higgs boson, a.k.a. the… ok, ok, I won’t say it… “We can recreate the conditions that were present just after the beginning […]

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Mars Gets Autotuned!

by Nancy Atkinson June 4, 2010

You’ve probably seen “A Glorious Dawn” — the autotune wonder that allowed Carl Sagan to sing to us. The Symphony of Science music video series has been steadily adding new sciency music videos, and the new “The Case for Mars” is the sixth installment. It features Robert Zubrin, Carl Sagan, Brian Cox, and Penelope Boston. […]

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